Despite Slight Increase in Crime, Utah Remains One of Safest States

The FBI released the 2012 crime statistics for the state of Utah. Violent crime increased only 4%, which still lands the state near the bottom of the list for most crime. The FBI categorizes violent crimes as those committed against the body of another person; while property crimes are committed against the ownership interests of a person’s belongings. Property crime includes larceny, arson, and burglary; violent crimes include robbery, rape, and murder.

The rates for all property crimes are up over 10% in Salt Lake City, but car thefts are up nearly 16%. Authorities see this increase in theft and other like crimes as an opportunity to educate people to protect their things. Almost 25% of all property crimes result from stuff left out or not watched. Carelessness is often a boon for criminals; it makes their job easy!

When it comes to violent crime the story is completely different. In 2012, Salt Lake City only had eight murders; just two murders more than the previous year. There were only 50 murders in the whole state in that year; at a rate of less than two per 100,000. Even with an increase in crime, Utah is still safer than 44 other states.

Salt Lake City police spokeswoman Lara Jones credits the low crime rates with the people of Utah. The citizens don’t just ignore and accept violent crimes; they feel obligated to fight against it and that makes Utah one of the safest states to live in.

The state’s largest city has felt a noticeable increase in property crimes, but hopefully the commitment of the resident’s will keep this statistic from spiraling out of control.

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune