About Me

UtahThere are times when you feel like contacting a loved one that you no longer have any information about. At other times, such contact becomes imperative for more than just filial reasons and has a financial or medical angle to it. Either way, I am the private investigator who can find the most accurate information on your subject for you.

For years together, I have helped law enforcement agencies, legal practices and bail bond agencies find suspects, criminals and defaulters. Likewise, I have helped people locate their birth parents and have assisted biological parents to locate the offspring they had given up for adoption.

Along similar lines, I have offered my services to genealogy researchers and individuals who wanted to learn more about the lineage of a person as well as the illnesses that their genetic makeup makes them susceptible to.

Most of my work is done in Texas and Florida, but I have also handled cases in Arizona and Canada. I  handle nationwide locates for the Unclaimed Person’s Network. All my work with this agency is pro bono because their clients are the decedents who await their next of kin in morgues and with coroner’s offices across the nation.

The strategy that I use for locates is tried and tested and has worked every time I have used it. I first find people through databases, usually law enforcement and private databases that I subscribe to, like the TLO. Then, I verify the information I find through groundwork and general investigative efforts. Continue reading to learn more about the kind of cases I undertake.

  • Crime related searches: The clients are law enforcement agencies like Denton Police, bail bond suppliers and lawyers. The subjects include people who cannot be found after they were freed on bail, defaulters of alimony and child support contributions and most wanted suspects.
  • Civil law related searches: The subjects are typically heirs to the proceeds of an estate, beneficiaries of a settlement, owners of properties and vehicles.
  • Non-legal searches: The subjects include friends, family members, partners, companions, neighbors, parents, siblings, children and other personal relations.

I can find the same information for you as well. Connect with me now and get the ball rolling and do download this report to learn more about what I can do: How to find any public records