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Looking through the court dockets database is one way to do an arrest warrant search in Weber County. This is a repository that is handled by the clerk of court’s office. The department is in charge of keeping information on all cases that enter the judicial system of UT.

Together with the department of corrections, the department of public safety, the court of the magistrate and the office of the sheriff, the county clerk’s department forms the network of information that keeps the public and all law enforcement agencies across the country updated on the criminal happenings and the release of active warrants in Weber County.

The information offered in response to warrant searches will usually include arrest records, details on orders for arrests that have already been served, charges filed in cases, the existence of any outstanding warrants in the name of the subject and details on incarceration.

In addition to this, the police department can also furnish a most wanted list which has details on criminals who have yet to be taken into custody. Similarly, the office of the clerk of court can offer details on civil cases while the court of the magistrate can provide information on the issue of bench warrants, criminal summons and other such legal orders. To get the inquiry started, go to:

  • The sheriff’s: 721 W 12th St, Ogden, Utah 84404
  • The magistrate’s: 2525 Grand Avenue, Ogden, UT 84401
  • The county clerk’s: 2380 Washington Boulevard, Suite 370, Ogden, Utah 84401-1465

Approximately 8300 crimes occur in Weber County, Utah each year and of these incidents, no more than 7% are of a violent nature. On an average, nearly 24 crimes are reported every day in the area. While the police have managed to push down the rate of violent crime by 5%, this can be written off in the face of the 10% rise seen in the rate of reported crime.

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