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Because a Summit County arrest warrant search would qualify as looking for crime history data, the best agency to approach would be the police department. The sheriff’s office plays multiple roles in the issue and the execution of active warrants. The process of warrant issue in UT starts with the request placed by the police in front of the judiciary for the procurement of such orders for arrests.

Law enforcement investigates all criminal matters, collects all the information needed and presents this before the tribunal to get the warrant. However, it would be a mistake to conclude that arrest orders are granted as a matter of right to the police. The judiciary holds apex position and discretionary powers when it comes to the issue of arrest warrants from Summit County.

This means that the evidence brought in by the police has to be enough to convince the magistrate of the complicity of the alleged offender for an order of arrest to be granted. However, once such a directive is issued, the police are almost handed the carte blanche when it comes to the arrest of the accused.

Under the provisions of an outstanding warrant, cops can take the offender into custody from any place and at any time. Another all important function of the police involves the dissemination of crime history data including details on Summit County arrest records and warrants. Apart from the sheriff’s department, this information can also be sought from the magistrate’s court and the office of the clerk of court:

  • The Police: 6300 Silver Creek Dr, Park City, Utah 84098
  • The court: 60 Main St, Coalville, UT 84017
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 128, Coalville, Utah 84017

Is it possible to acquire information from Summit County on recent arrests and active warrants over the phone? (2021-data)       

  • For information on recent arrests, dial the phone number of Jail Bookings- (435) 615-3723
  • For general jail-related information and an inmate search, call Corrections at (435) 615- 3701
  • For general inquiries, get in touch with the Sheriff’s Office at (435) 615-3600
  • For victim’s services and information on order of protection, contact the Summit County Attorney’s Office at (435) 336-3206
  • For looking up judicial records, call the Clerk of Court at (435) 615-4300
  • For police reports, accident reports, arrest records and criminal records, get in touch with the Records Division at: (435) 615-3500

Crime statistics of Summit County

In 2019, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office handled over 432 criminal complaints. Of these, 399 of the reports were for property offenses, while 33 were for violent crimes. Larceny-theft had the greatest occurrence rate among property crimes, with nearly 320 instances filed. As far as violent crimes were concerned, assaults brought in the highest number of complaints, at 27 cases.

Older crime statistics

The annual crime average of Summit County, Utah stands at less than 1000 incidents while the number of violent crimes reported each year is about 20 cases. Although this does not seem too drastic in the beginning, there has been a growth of almost 50% in all crimes across the board from 2001 onwards, and this can drastically change the crime scenario in the future.

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