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Why not get an arrest warrant search done in Sevier County, UT and sleep easy at night without worrying about what anti social elements are lurking in your personal and professional life? Yes, an inquiry of this sort will get you all the information you need to weed out nefarious elements from your workplace and your neighborhood.

In fact, given the rising rates of criminal activity across the country, searches for arrest records and outstanding warrants from Sevier County are becoming common place. Every day dozens of such inquiries are sent to the office of the judiciary and the sheriff, and they are addressed promptly.

The response to a crime history search will generally include details on all active warrants from Sevier County against the subject, information on arrests, charges filed, court dispositions, sentencing, incarceration facility, probation and parole. You will also get details on any civil litigation initiated by this person through the office of the county clerk.

The office of the clerk of court gets access to details from the civil and criminal tribunals in the region. So, they know about the issue of arrest warrants, when these get served and they also keep details on any Sevier County outstanding warrants which have not been served up to that point. To find this information, you can go to:

  • The sheriff’s department: 835 East 100 North, Suite 200, Richfield, Utah 84701
  • The magistrate’s court: 895 E 300 N, Richfield, UT 84701
  • The county clerk’s office: 250 North Main Street, Richfield, Utah 84701

Is it possible to obtain information about Sevier County arrest warrants and recent arrests by phone? (2021-Update)   

  • To find out about recent arrests, contact the Corrections Division at (435) 896-2660
  • To find information about arrest warrants, call (435) 896-2600
  • To ask victim’s assistance, call the Sevier County Attorney at (435) 896-2675
  • To get information on obtaining access to criminal court records, contact the Clerk’s Office at (435) 896-2700

Crime statistics of Sevier County

Sevier County’s crime rate went from 136 to 106 incidents between 2018 and 2019. Property offenses received the most complaints, with 98, out of all the crimes reported in the year. In this category, 17 occurrences of burglary and 73 cases of larceny-theft were reported. Around 8 complaints filed in 2019 were owed to violent crimes.

Older crime statistics

The crime rates of Sevier County, Utah have been following an upward trajectory since 2001. By 2008, the rates of violent crime had grown by almost 50% while those of overall criminal incidents had risen by 30%. Annually, about 600 criminal complaints are lodged with the police and less than 20 of these are violent crimes.

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