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One of the simplest approaches that you can use to safeguard your commercial and personal interested is to initiate a Salt lake County arrest warrant search when allowing new people to enter your home and office. The economic doldrums that are still impacting employment and inflation rates have managed to send crime rates soaring up in UT.

What this means is that just locking your doors and windows is no longer enough, you will need to have a greater awareness of your surroundings and people who live and work near you. To do so, you can get an inquiry conducted into the arrest warrants issued against a new acquaintance or employee.

In fact, looking for arrest records and outstanding warrants from Salt Lake County against a person is still considered one of the simplest yet most effective ways to weed out people with a criminal background from the hiring lineup. Finding information on active warrants for arrestsalong with other crime records is not in the least bit tedious.

Simply go over to the offices of the agencies mentioned below and fill a form requesting a background search. Expect to pay a small fee for the inquiry. Generally, it takes anywhere between 1 to 7 days to receive a response to such a request. If you approach the office of the county clerk, you can browse their court dockets database through the use of their intranet.

  • The sheriff: 2001 S State Ste 2700, Salt Lake City, Utah 84190
  • The magistrate: 333 S 200 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84111
  • The clerk of court: 2001 South State Street, #N-1600, Salt Lake City, Utah 84190-1150

The police of Salt lake County, Utah have their hands full with an annual crime average of 46,000 incidents. To add to their woes, nearly 3000 of these are murders, rapes and other violent crimes. Unfortunately, there are no signs of these figures receding. In fact, there has been a steady increase of almost 40% in the annual crime averages.

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