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In Morgan County, an arrest warrant search can be launched in a plethora of ways. Broadly, the different approaches that one can take to inquire about active warrants and arrest records can be divided into two categories. One involves taking a trip to a state agency while the other entails enlisting the services of a private information vendor.

If you need a personal background report for immigration, adoption or employment, you will have no choice but to visit a state department as only these agencies can issue formal crime history reports and even notarize them, which is a requirement for a lot of official purposes. On the other hand, if you are merely seeking information on arrests and Morgan County outstanding warrants, going through a private agency will be a less cumbersome approach.

These third party organizations operate online, so you will be able to launch your warrant search without venturing out of your home. Added to this is the anonymity with which such inquiries can be conducted and the fact that you can find information on arrest records and active warrants from Morgan County as well as the rest of country.

In terms of charges that will have to be incurred for your arrest warrants inquiry, state departments as well as third party information sellers will charge you a fee for your investigations. However, the fee structure followed is different.

While government departments will charge you for every search, private agencies will offer as many searches as required through a set period for a fixed fee. To connect with a justice agency, go to the offices mentioned below or you can fill the form above.

  • The police: 48 W Young St, Morgan, Utah 84050
  • The county clerk: PO Box 886, Morgan, Utah 84050
  • The court of the magistrate: 48 W Young St, Morgan, UT 84050

Who should you contact if you need information on recent arrests and warrants in Morgan County? (By 2021)           

  • To ask about recent arrests, and outstanding warrants, get in touch with the Sheriff’s Department at (801) 829-0590.
  • To learn about victim’s services, connect with the Morgan County Attorney’s Office at (801) 845-4006.
  • To learn more about how to get criminal court documents, contact the Clerk of Court at (385) 350-9170

Crime statistics of Morgan County

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office got 28 criminal complaints in 2019. These comprised 24 property-related offenses and 4 violent offenses.

About 21 larceny-thefts, and 3 motor vehicle thefts were included in the property offenses category. The violent crimes category included 2 aggravated assaults and 2 rapes.

Older crime statistics

Morgan County, Utah is one of the low crime areas of the state with annual crime averages not even reaching the 100 case mark. From 2004 onwards only about 70 criminal incidents were reported in the neighborhood of which only about 2 were violent crimes. Also, till 2007, there was a drop of almost 500% in the number of violent crimes.

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