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In Duchesne County, UT an arrest warrant search should be done every time you welcome a new person into your professional or personal life. Hardened criminals don’t always mention their checkered past on their calling cards. However, they can do a lot of harm when allowed near your business venture.

Needless to say, the ramifications of not looking into the background of an acquaintance can be exceptionally grave when you are going to let this person near your loved ones. So, it is best to play it safe and find out if there are any Duchesne County active warrants or arrest records in the name of individuals who you have only recently met.

One of the easiest ways to find details on warrants and arrests is through a private agency. You can connect with one through this website. Go to the form on the upper part of this page. Filling it can help you to gain access to a repository of crime history maintained privately. The information in the database is sourced from state agencies, so its veracity and reliability cannot be faulted.

Another way is to approach a government entity to look for the crime history records held by them. Your choices have been given below along with the agency addresses. A search for information on outstanding warrants will cost you whether you go through a private source or a state department.

  • The police: 21554 W 9000 S, Duchesne, Utah 84021
  • The judiciary: 9000 S, Bridgeland, UT 84021
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 916, Duchesne, Utah 84021

Can you get information on recent arrests and active warrants from Duchesne County over the phone? (2021-data)        

  • To get an accident report, incident report or arrest report, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 435-738-2015.
  • To get information about recent arrests and prisoner arrest records, call the Duchesne County Jail at 435-738-0190.
  • To get case-specific information, contact the Detective Division at 435-722-4558.
  • To contact the Sheriff’s Department for general information, use the non-emergency phone number 435-738-2424.
  • To get information on victim’s assistance, call the Duchesne County Attorney at 435-722-4558.
  • To get court dates for criminal cases and information on how to obtain criminal judicial records, contact the District Court at 435-738-2753/435-722-0235

Crime statistics of Duchesne County

In 2019, the Duchesne County Sheriff’s Department dealt with about 304 criminal complaints. Around 252 of the complaints were for property crimes. There were 163 cases of larceny-theft, 51 incidents of burglary, and 38 cases of motor vehicle theft in this category. Allegations of aggravated assault resulted in the filing of 37 violent crime complaints.

Older crime statistics

Duchesne County, Utah has medium crime levels with annual incident figures rarely going beyond the 300 case mark. Of these criminal instances, less than 15 are found to be of a violent nature. However, this is bound to change in the near future if the almost 55% growth in the figures of violent crime are not controlled in time.

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