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When conducting an arrest warrant search in Davis County, UT on your behalf, the police will expect you to furnish information not only about the subject but also about yourself. This is done to ensure that information on outstanding warrants does not land in the hands of unscrupulous elements who may use it to escape from the law.

Generally, people visit the sheriff’s office for crime history data. While the police undoubtedly hold a significant amount of information on all active warrants issued in the area, so does the judiciary, particularly the offices of the clerk of court and the magistrate.

The sitting judge is the legal entity that has been put in charge of issuing all judicial orders including Davis County arrest warrants. So, not only local law enforcement but also the courthouse would be a good place to start your warrant search. Another state agency that can be petitioned for information on active warrants is the office of the clerk of court.

The county clerk has been entrusted the task of maintaining case records in the form of Davis County court dockets. These entries into the judicial database of the area have all information pertaining to a matter including any outstanding warrants that have yet to be served and arrest records of people who have already been detained. To access this database or to initiate your inquiry into warrants and arrests made in the area, you can connect with:

  • The sheriff’s: 800 W State St, Farmington, Utah 84025
  • The magistrate’s: Given above
  • The county clerk’s: Corner of Main and State, Farmington, Utah 84025

Is it possible to acquire information about Davis County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)   

  • Recent arrests, accident reports and past arrest records: 801-451-4100.
  • Assistance offered to crime victims:(801) 451-4300.
  • Questions about criminal court case search and warrants inquiry-801-397-7008/801-447-3800/801-444-4300.

Crime statistics of Davis County

The annual crime average of Davis County stood at 236 complaints to 263 complaints between 2018 and 2019. Of the total cases filed, property crimes accounted for 213 while violent crimes brought in 50 complaints.

Within these crime categories larceny-theft (173 cases) and burglary (28 cases) accounted for the maximum number of property crime-related complaints. In the violent crimes category, aggravated assault (35 cases) had the highest occurrence rate.

Older crime statistics

A bit over 6000 crimes are reported in Davis County, UT annually. Of these occurrences about 3.5% are of a violent nature. In the ten years from 1999 onwards, both violent and reported crimes have spiraled out of control with the former showing an increase of 50% and the latter clocking in a growth of 20%.

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