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Arrest warrants searches from Beaver County, UT have been simplified in recent years thanks to the joint efforts of the police and the judiciary. However,even today getting your hands on crime history data is not half as easy as procuring public records. While you could simply look online for information on marriages, deaths and births, arrest warrants are another thing all together.


Not all detention directives get served as soon as they are released. Those that are not executed are held back in the system as Beaver County outstanding warrants. So, offering information on these orders freely would mean that criminals could also get their hands on this data and they can use it to stay ahead of the law. This is one of the main reasons why cops ask applicants to show up in person if they want to find details on Beaver County active warrants and arrest records.


In fact, even if you were to go to the judiciary, the process will remain unchanged. Although the office of the county clerk allows people to use the network interface loaded on the public terminals at the justice center for acquiring data on arrests and warrants, even they will ask the applicant to show his photo ID before he is given the liberty of using these computers.

Of course, it is also possible to get a paid warrant search done through the agency. In this case, the inquiry will be undertaken in the same way like with the other departments. The deputies will scour the repository of court dockets to find crime history data against the subject. For getting in touch with the agencies discussed here and the office of the judge, you can go to:

  • The sheriff’s department: PO Box 391, 2270 South 525 West, Beaver, Utah 84713
  • The magistrate’s court: 26 S 100 E St, Milford, UT 84751
  • The county clerk’s office: 105 East Center, Beaver, Utah 84713

What Beaver County agency should you approach for an over-the-phone warrant search and arrests inquiry? (Update: 2021)  

  • To get information about arrests (last 24 hours), contact the Corrections Division at (435) 438-6497.
  • To get information on outstanding warrants issued in connection with misdemeanors, contact the Justice Court at (435) 438-6470/ (435) 387-5571/ (435) 386-2586.
  • For an arrest report or accident records, get in touch with the Sheriff’s Records Division at (435) 438-2467.
  • To learn about the status of an investigation, contact the Criminal Investigations Unit at (435) 438-2466.
  • To learn more about how to get criminal court records and felony-related arrest warrants, contact the Clerk of the District Court at (435) 438-5309.
  • To inquire about crime victim’s assistance, call Victim Services at (435) 438-6494.

Crime statistics of Beaver County

In comparison to the 108 crime reports of 2017, the Beaver  Sheriff’s Department received 134 criminal complaints in 2018. There were 133 crimes against property and 1 offense against people in this annual total.

Nearly 105 larceny thefts, 22 burglaries, and 6 car thefts were recorded as crimes against property. There was just one case of aggravated assault in the violent crime category.

Older crime statistics

Of the over 100 crimes that are reported in Beaver County, Utah annually about 9 are violent crimes. Although the crime rates of the area put it in the middle of the crime scale for the state, there has been a drop of almost 50% in overall criminal activity and a decrease of almost 15% in violent crimes over recent years.

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